Karla Bell is a veteran Music educator, serving more than 16 years in diverse settings, serving grades Kindergarten through 12th grade and post-secondary education. She currently serves a high school Choral Director in Delaware. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Delaware State University and a Master of Education degree in School Leadership from Wilmington University.

Karla is a mentor and teacher’s teacher. Using equity, anti-racist, and trauma-informed lenses, she facilitates graceful learning spaces for scholars and empowers fellow educators to do the same. She leads and serves on equity and curriculum teams and facilitates professional development at the school, district, and state levels.

Her professional memberships and affiliations include the National Education Association, National Association for Music Education, Delaware State Education Association, and Delaware Music Educators Association. 

In Christian ministry, Karla specializes in teaching discipleship principles for practical life application. She is often called to align and transform Music departments and design and implement effective, relevant programming for personal and organizational transformation. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry from Christian World College of Theology and serves as an adjunct instructor at their Camden campus.

Karla is a native of Dover, Delaware. She enjoys traveling, live performances, reading, and days at the beach. She is happily married to her husband Calvin and they have one daughter.

Karla believes in the gifting and potential of every person she encounters. She is a catalyst. Her passion is removing barriers for uninhibited access to opportunity and laying a strong foundation for present and future generations.  

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What is GRACE?

GRACE is the space where people (identities, experiences, gifts) are valued, consulted, embraced, developed, empowered, and celebrated… where mistakes are resources, not weapons… where process and progress are valued over perfection... where healthy risk-taking is encouraged in spite of the outcome… where we genuinely, authentically demonstrate care and concern, serve others, and create positive change.